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We do construction the way it should be done.

There are really two levels of certainty critical to our customers:

The first is cost certainty, making the customer aware of a project's realistic cost before being asked to sign a contract. When we talk about certainty of cost, we are talking about what a project costs at completion, not just at signing. Costs can change during execution but at New Reveal Construction, it will only occur if a dramatic previous unknown presents itself, which is very rare. The only other way costs can change during construction is if the customer chooses to change the scope of work.

The second level of certainty is time certainty. We believe pre-construction planning should lay out a project to be executed in a timely manner. Home renovation, in the best of circumstances, is emotionally exhausting for a family and New Reveal Construction aims to get the work done on time. The job isn't finished until the homeowner is ecstatic with the completed work.

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